group by tabs for connections


How do I group by session tabs based on connection ?

If I have 2 connections and when ever I open schema/session browser, respective tab is put at end, I want to have all the tabs related to its connection together.

Thank you.

You have a couple of options.

  1. Right-click on Toad’s connection toolbar where you see the buttons for your open sessions. Chose “Connection Bar Button Order.” Check the “Save…” checkbox and rearrange your sessions if you’d like. Toad will then maintain the ordering of your session buttons as well as applying that order to all of your opened windows for each.

  2. Right-click over the Toad’s window toolbar and choose “Show buttons for current connection.” This will only show window buttons for the active session. NOTE: You must right-click over the toolbar and not over a button on it, it seems. Slight usability improvement to be made there. See the screenshot.