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Session Browser Window Bar Button problem - Toad 13.3

When clicking a session browser window's button on the window bar, the corresponding connection's button is not activated on the connection bar (like in the case of editor and schema browser windows), if there are more connections open. This way the active session browser window may not belong to the current connection.

I see this in 13.3 if I:

  1. open multiple connections, a window or two (any window) in each
  2. don't maximize the windows
  3. click on a window in one connection, then a window in another connection.

For what it's worth - when this happens and the wrong connection/window bar buttons are down, the active window still belongs to the same session that it always did. It's just that the connection and window bar buttons are out of sync.

This is fixed in 14.0. If that doesn't describe the problem you are seeing, please let me know

I always use maximized windows, and click on the window bar buttons to switch between them. But if the session browser windows are not maximized and I click on the window title bar instead, the issue is the same. Editor and schema manager windows are in sync regardless of window state.

I see what you mean now with the Window Bar button of the Session Browser not making the Connection Bar Button change in 13.3.

This is also fixed in 14.0.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

You're welcome. Thanks for reporting it.

14.0 will be out soon. I never say this about new versions, but I think 14.0 will be the best Toad ever. We fixed a lot of bugs for 13.3 and even more for 14.0. I expect it to be very stable.