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Hanging while show package sources


The current beta hangs when selecting a slightly larger PL / SQL pack in the Schema browser and must be completed with the Task Manager.

No error message, the program simply stops responding even after several minutes.

The package also contains no errors and is valid. The problem occurs with different schemas.

The connection to Oracle 12c is flawless.


I have one that is about 23,000 lines that works fine.

Can you send me one of the packages that it hangs on? you can email it to Thanks.


In the actual version (.78) this is not fixed


No, it’s not fixed yet, sorry. But it’s in our bug tracking system, so it won’t be long.

It’s happening due to a mix of tabs and spaces in your source. If you change to all spaces instead, it will load fine. Or just use 13.1 for a little while.