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Has anyone received this error message when starting up TDA

Has anyone received this error message and know what’s causing it to pop up?

“Failed to open the settings for module SqlServer reverting to defaults”

I have been using TDA 2.7 for quite a while and all of a sudden today I get this message everytime I close and open the program.


I noticed TDA created a duplicate connection for some reason. I deleted both connections and created a new connection and I no longer get the error

This is an indication that your setting file got corrupted. It should only occur once and then the files will be recreated. If that does not happen follow these steps:

  1. Go to About box and select Application Data Directory. This is where the settings are kept.
  2. Leave the windows explorer window open.
  3. Close Toad down. (Toad writes to the settings file on close so we need to do the next step when TDA is shut down.)
  4. Rename the Application Data Directory and restart TDA.

This will reset all of your settings but will also make the error go away.