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Failed to open the settings for module Oracle reverting to defaults


We’re currently using Toad for Data Analysts to produce multiple files in the morning on a daily basis. We’ve scheduled one batch file that runs daily and in the batch file toad automation scripts are called to produce different reports. Here’s an example of one of the files we call:

“C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Data Analysts 2.6.1\Toad.exe” -batch=true “S:\Toad\Agency\RCS.tas”

The file is scheduled to run shortly after our data warehouse is updated at around 4 AM. Often when I come in at 8 it’ll be hung up displaying the message “Failed to open the settings for module Oracle reverting to defaults” after which I hit “Ok” and it’ll continue on to the next file.

There are currently 5 users who use Toad and each produces their own scripts and puts it into this same batch file to be called. Is there any way to alleviate this error?

Thanks for the help.

That error should only show one time and then never show again. So it is odd that it keeps occurring.

If the message has a check box in the lower left that says, “do not show me again” choose that and it will not display.

You could also try renaming your App data dir (See link in About box) and import your connections.xml. The error is coming from some migrated file in your app data dir. When renaming it it should get rid of that file. Just name sure to rename that file when Toad is closed. Otherwise it will just write the same files to disk.


Thanks for your prompt response Debbie! I wasn’t able to resolve the issue after following your instructions, but I did come across a solution that worked for us.

When we removed each individual’s connection in the *.tas file and replaced it with a shared connection to oracle Toad stopped producing the error.

I don’t think Toad liked it when we were bouncing around between four different Oracle connections.

Interesting solution. Thanks for sharing. I will keep this in mind.