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Have Toad Editor retain line number / cursor position on "file reload"

I have a question (enhancement) on the "Prompt for reload on activation if timestamp has changed" feature. I have seen no issues with Toad detecting and reloading files that have changed outside of Toad (by using another editor, or perhaps by some other user). Feature seems to work just fine...

The question I have is if there is an option to have Toad remember the line number and cursor position of where the user was at in the file. The current behavior reloads the file and resets the cursor position back to 1/1 (line 1, position 1).

Considering that these files can be very large, that's potentially a lot of scrolling. So, if you were on line 1000, Toad detects a change on the file system and reloads, you need to re-focus / re-position back to where you were in the code.

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Good idea. Easiest solution here is to remember the char offset. Alternate idea is to remember the line/col position. In both cases odds are good you'll be in the same vicinity upon reload, but not exactly at the same position depending on where in the file the external modification was made.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that either of the solutions mentioned above would solve the problem and improve the usability of the feature. Looking forward to hearing more on this front. Thx