[17.0.91] Externally modified files

"Prompt for reload on activation if timestamp changed" option enabled.

  1. Open file F.SQL in Toad Editor.
  2. Switch out from Toad.
  3. Modify file F.SQL using some editor.
  4. Switch to Toad. "Reload file" warning shown. Press "Yes to All" (not "Yes"!).
  5. Switch out from Toad.
  6. Switch to Toad. "Reload file" warning shown again.

Steps 4-6 repeated infinitely.

Hi Ihor,

I just tested this and I am only getting one prompt. Was your test case actually more complicated or can you reproduce it with only these steps?


Hi John!

You need to press "Yes to All".

Ok, I can reproduce it that way. I'll log it and have it fixed soon.

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Thank You, John.