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How can I apply an IP address change for a connection to all the activities?

Hi! I am facing a tricky issue here that I am not sure if anybody has solved before.

We had to change the IP address of a mysql server that is central to our data infrastructure.

Therefore we were forced to change for each of the TAS and activities that referred to this connection IP to the new one.

2 weeks after the change I still keep an eye on new processes that are triggered just in case they are still pointing to the old server.

I though that only changing the IP address of the connection in TOAD it would “inform” to the activities somehow but I have realized that this is not the case… :slight_smile:

I am considering using a domain name and make changes in the IP under the domain… but I am worried about impacts in performance.

My question is very simple, how can I change the connection settings of all the TAS and activities that pointed to the old server to the new one in a way that does not imply to go one by one? Any original idea on how to manage this the next time the issue appears?

Thank you!


hi pelayo_53637,

Thanks for your post.

We are aware of this architectural flaw and for now the only most effective way is to edit your automation script in text/xml editor (eg. Notepad++) and simply lookup the connection data and do replace… If it’s just IP address /hostname then it might be easy… I believe once you open it you will see it.

Also please backup your scripts before doing so!

Let me know if you have a problem with a specific activity and how to convert them.


If you will open up a support ticket I can give you instructions on how to manually edit the underlying tables that hold the connect info. I don’t want to post this solution here as this would not be a solution for everyone to use. Tell the support rep the situation and to pass to subcase to me.