How can TDP works with RADIUS MFA Authentication on Oracle Servers?


  • Using Toad Data Point to connect to their Oracle database to run queries.

  • Oracle database is integrated with RADIUS to allow MFA via the RSA SecurID Authenticate mobile application.

Issue faced

  • Toad establishes multiple connections to the database – an initial database connection for general use, a separate database connection to open the SQL Editor, and a separate database connection when user opens the Data tab of the Object Viewer. Each connection causes the RSA SecurID Authenticate mobile app to prompt user for approval. A typical connection to the database requires user to approve at least 2 times to support the usage.


  • Can we streamline the number of connections Toad makes to the databases so that it won't even receive the 2 prompts? Ideally, it should only establish 1 connection to the database. How this can be achieved?

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I don't think there's a way to channel all activity within TDP through one connection. However, there might be a way to minimize the number of connections that TDP makes. See screen snap below, which shows the options panel (Tools->Options).