Radius Authentication


I have onboarded Radius MFA onto our oracle database.
Currently we have no issue with the login and I'm able to get connected to the DB.
However when we tried to open a new worksheet for the first time, there is another 2FA prompt triggered as Toad tries to create another connection.

Is there anyway we can do to avoid the second connection.

Wonder if this option unchecked might help?

Hi ,

thanks for your reply gary.
Unchecking that connection results in subsequent editor created to not create additional connection hence we are not receiving a MFA prompt on our end.
But for the very first worksheet, it still gives us a second prompt.

We are suspecting that it could be due to code insights establishing a second connection. Is there any way to disable code insights from launching ?

For others on MFA to toad, are they experiencing the same issue, is there any solution for this?
Is toad looking at enabling MFA support for various DBs? I think recently there have been an increase in use case to onboard MFA to various DBs and applications.