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Toad for Oracle Xpert causing failed Radius authentications

Recently we moved our database authentication to using Radius servers and RSA keyfobs. We have validated that everything is working correctly using SQL Plus. We are also able to authenticate correctly to a database using Toad, however when I watch the activity on the Radius server side, I am seeing an issue. I can see the successful authentication initially, but then 6-10 seconds later, I see another attempt come through which fails because the RSA token has already been used. Is there a reason that Toad would be sending authentication information to the database twice instead of just once? If so, is this something that we can work around?

We are currently using Toad for Oracle Xpert version

Depending on options, Toad might be creating multiple sessions in the database. Sounds like that’s the problem.

You can minimize (and I think eliminate) that by going to Options -> Oracle -> Transactions.

Uncheck “Execute queries in threads”

Check “Execute scripts in Toad session”.

“Session for Explain plan” should be set to “Main Toad Session”.

I just checked in my options and I already had all of these set. It would make sense though that Toad is trying to create multiple sessions. I am not sure if there are any other settings that would force this?

Oh, also go to Options -> Editor -> Display. Uncheck everything under “Syntax highlighting”.

It looks like that did it! Thank you sir!

You’re welcome.