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How do I disable the Lookup Search tab in Toad Data Point


Im wondering if there is a way to disable the annoying “Lookup Search” tag that appears on every query error in the SQL Editor.

Thanks for your support.


Are you referring to the pop-up error message that has search button? Or the link in the messages output? We don’t have an option to take that away. What issue is this causing? If you don’t want to use it it should just be ignored. Right?

I referred to this one:

Like you say, i could just ignore it. The thing is that Toad switch me from my SQL tab to this one for every error. Maybe there is some kind of customization that can avoid this behavior.

Thank you for your support.



I agree with this user please find a way to turn off the annoying tab that gets created when you make a sql error with your select. I have to close the tab every time i make a typo or don’t select the correct field.

the same error shows up in the messages tab in the results window. theere is no need for this extra tab, thus making the user close it every time.

This error have been fixed in TDP 4.3



In TDP 4.3 you will need to select the option to show all database errors from the editor in the footer. After you do this you won’t get pop-ups. You also will not have an editor change focus to a different editor. Instead it will show a red icon in the tab of the editor that has an issue and you can review when you wish. Please try this out.

Please review this kb article for a workaround