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Please remove annoying Annoying Error popup and gong on every sql error

Using Toad for year I had recently to change to latest Toad version 13.3, due to 64-Bit requirements. It's an inaceptable nuisance.

The error gong/Popup is absolutely unnecesarry for me. Please remove it or make it optional. A SQL with an error is clearly marked in Messages.error window. That is completly sufficient and a SQL with an error just won't work.

Working with SQL of dozens or hundreds line of code I use a compiler or SQL-Parser just as this, a parser. It should quickly guide me through the errors that occured in my current script. ORA-Error and line the error occurs, that all I need and this fully available in the ERROR Message window.
Half a dozend errors are corrected in two minutes. As an efficent coder I use the parser to the work where it's faster than myself. An SQL-IDE just has the task to guide me quickly and discrect to the diffrent syntactical clashes, so that I can correct them as quickly.

I don't need a fanfare and an nasty, for me useless popup that disrupts my workflow. Setting the speaker mute and hitting a hundred times the ESC button during a hard developers work day isn't an option neither. I use youtube and other channcel that needs accoustic channel and sometime I like to work with music. Just don't occupy my audio senses.

A forced offering a link to a TOAD knowledge base is the only added feature in the Popup. But this is no added value. An average user can google this for himself. If the TOAD knowledge is such relevant, it will get it's google ranking.
All other options are nothing not already covered in the error-message window.

Please remove that popup, make it optional or TOAD will severly degrade in my favorite list of SQL-Clients.

Done for next beta (on or about July 6th, 2020)

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