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Annoying Error popup


I just downloaded Toad 13.1. How can I disable the annoying pop-up error windows? I don’t want to be constantly told I can search the Knowledgebase and forums for a solution.


The error dialog happens to have the “search knowledge base” option, but we shouldn’t just be showing that dialog willy-nilly. There should be a good reason that the error dialog is showing in the first place. If you don’t think there is, let us know what the error message is and how to reproduce it, if possible.


Thank you for the response.

The dialog shows when I have an error in my SQL code. I am able to diagnose the error without having to have a constant reminder from the error dialog window. The knowledge base would not help when I have a complex SQL syntax or logic error anyway. There should be an option to turn off the display of the error dialog, but keep the blue highlighted errors message available.


The KB button there is in addition to the ORA error. The dialog would still be there for your ORA errors regardless of any supplemental features it includes. Don’t code errors and you won’t get error dialog. :wink:

The dialog underwent a bit of a cosmetic change for 13.1, but it is not new. If you are seeing an error dialog now where none was present before please provide steps to reproduce.



For comparison here is the dialog in 13.0.


And the dialog for the same error in 13.1.


The new uses standard Windows Task Dialog now whereas the old was a custom Toad window. In addition to presenting the same info using a dialog more closely following Windows style guidelines, it fixes other bugs like this gem. In trying to get screenshots my 13.0 dialog got stuck in Stay on Top mode and is now in my face on top of all other applications even when Toad does not have focus.


I concur with the example popups provided; however, the 13.1 popup is so much more pronounced that it is annoying. I prefer the simpler, direct oracle error message that is in 13 popup. I believe most experienced users will know to click on ‘Help’ to get to toad specific resources. My preference is to include the Knowledge Base portal under ‘Help’.


If you are a beta user check next beta ( or newer). A few changes have been made so that the KB button is a little more relevant.