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How do I obtain a license key for the freeware version of Toad for SQL Server?


Hello all,

I installed the freeware version of Toad for SQL Server not too long ago. It worked well for a bit until it recently started prompting me for a license key whenever I started the application. Now I can’t use the application because I can’t get past the license prompt. Does the freeware version of Toad for SQL Server require a license key? If so, how do I get one for my copy? If not, why am I encountering this prompt? Uninstalling and reinstalling the software does not fix the issue.




I am experiencing the same problem. As a workaround I have changed the date of my PC to the 7th of August and then it works.

So it seems like, that there is a date check in the freeware version.

Kind regards

Kim Ekström



same problem here! Anybody, any idea how to solve this?



It now works for me, thanks.

I kept getting a cached version of the installer until I switched to incognito mode in the browser.


Same problem here, Free version requires a license key.

I’ve tried to install the beta, but it says its over, although beta should run till aug 30.


I was suddenly getting the same problem.

I had to grab the FREEWARE version 6.8.2 from this page:

Download it, right-click on the .msi and choose uninstall.

When it is done uninstalling, right-click on the .msi and choose install.

This got me back up and running on Windows 10.