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How do I Scheduling a procedure to run

what’s the best way to schedule a procedure to run using TOAD for Oracle Expert on a Windows 2008 server?

I thought perhaps I could do something through Automation Designer, but cant seem to find it there. I’m at a loss on how to do it.



Nice explanation of Toad automation is here:

Check that Automation works as requested (test manula start)

After that define scheduler (Windows Scheduler) on previously defined program.

Right click on wanted automation program.

And in Windows Scheduler this looks like:

Hope this helps…

Thanks Damir.

Do you (or anyone else) have an idea of what I select, or how I would use this to run a procedure within a package body using the automation?

Utilities|Automation Designer … new (right click).
Then next screen:

Sample output looks like (in c:\temp directory):

my_pkg.py_proc ();

Error at line 1
ORA-06550: line 2, column 3:
PLS-00201: identifier ‘MY_PKG.PY_PROC’ must be declared
ORA-06550: line 2, column 3:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored

Hope this helps …