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How do I view table metadata without direct access to tables/content?

I’m looking to view table/field metadata for an oracle database. I do not have access to the tables/content in the tables, but have been granted access to the metadata. How can I go about viewing this in Toad Data Point (64 bit)?

The DBA said this is possible in Toad for Oracle via schema browser, but having trouble finding it in Toad Data Point.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

Connect to Oracle and go to the Main menu View | Object Explorer. After that select Your_Schema | Tables and Your_table and select View Details from the right click menu.



Thank you, Aleksey, for this information. I am able to do this for other database connections, but for this one in particular I am not able to view the tables in the schema. Do you think this is a permissions issue? The DBA told me I have access to the metadata, but not the content of the tables (but it can be viewed in SQL developer). Not sure if this is a limitation with my permissions, or not possible within the tool.

You mentioned that you don’t have issues for other databases. Are these Oracle databases? If it is Oracle then I would suggest that you should check your permission.

Try to execute the following query from the SQL Editor (we use All_ALL_TABLES view to list tables)

select * from sys.ALL_ALL_TABLES tbls
where upper(tbls.owner) = ‘PUT_YOUR_SCHEMA_HERE’.

Do not forget to replace PUT_YOUR_SCHEMA_HERE with the your one.
Do you get back a list of tables?


I did not get back a list of tables, only two which I can see in the schema (there are many more tables). I’m guessing this is a permissions issue. Thank you for your help!

The Script tab is where you would usually look at DDL for objects. This tab uses the oracle package DBMS_METADATA which you might need privileges for.