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How do you delete the initial database load

I would like to clean out the default databases it is loading in SQL Navigator 6.7.

I tried regedit and tried to find the directory it was loaded to but couldn’t find it. I just want to kill off the list of databases loaded at startup so it is kind of clean (for instance kill the local settings so it is like a clean install for instance).

I am trying to re-install because I somehow corrupted the system but when I try to re-install it says it is already installed.

I uninstalled, tried to delete all directories an registries associated to SQL Navigator. It didn’t help on the re-install.

Hi DHaessel,

Pls try this:

Backup&reset the settings for SQL Navigator 6.7?

  1. close SQL Navigator

  2. rename registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.7.0” to " SQL Navigator 6.7.0bak"

  3. rename folder “%appdata%\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.7.0” to “SQL Navigator 6.7.0bak”

  4. now start up SQL Navigator again

  5. Please make sure “Cancel” is selected when SQL Navigator prompts the import profile settings dialog

Starting with fresh settings