sql nav cache

I have a developer that is executing a select * on a table. first 250 records come fine, but when he selects the rest of the data in the table - it kills his nav. (nav becomes slow, unresponsive, klugy. It does not appear to refresh the screen and be as snappy as nav usually is…)

I was thinking to delete his cache file and let nav build another one- but I don’t remember when that file is and I don’t know if that still exists.

Hi Henry,

User data files of SQL Navigator are saved in %appdata%\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.x.x, and the registry settings is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest
Software\SQL Navigator 7.x.x. I would suggest you to rename the existing folder to keep a backup.



Are we able to change the location of application data for quest software. For some crazy reason my company has decided to lock me out of the application data directory. I even have admin access on my machine but they managed to lock me out of this directory. WHY? I have no idea. Not sure what they think they are protecting. Can this become something we can configure as a preference in sql nav and put the application data in our own favorite location?