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SQL Nav 6.5 - User Profile settings

I have just installed the latest SQL Nav 6.5.
When I opened the new version, I got the following expected message:

“SQL Navigator has detected that you have User Profile settings from version 6.4.0 on your system. To import these User Profile settings into version 6.5.0, click OK…”

When I click OK, it closes the dialog box and just hangs.

SQL Navigator does not appear in my Applications list in Windows Task Manager, however it does appear in the Processes list.

After quite some time, I killed the application, restarted my machine and tried again - same story. Navigator never opens.

Repeating the above process, I’ve now selected CANCEL, to use SQL Navigator default settings for 6.5.0.

It’s now running without a problem (so far )

Kind regards,

I just installed mine and same message, I started it again and got the message box, eventually both versions came up, it took probably an hour.

Hi Annelize and Dale,

Thank you for reporting the issues.

We have received a while ago a customer case to improve performance of the Profiler Manager which you use to back up/restore user profiles. We could not do the changes yet.

The issue you reported is in the same area of the Profile Manager CR. We could see the issue you reported when we have over 1 GB of files under v6.4 user profile. I believe that you might have a lot of files under Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.4.0\Unified Editor\history or you might have large size files in your profiles.

We will fix this performance issue for you in the next release 6.6.

As Dale waited to get v6.5 finish the profile migration, v6.5 should have all users profile settings. For Annelize, if you wish to use 6.4 profiles, you can copy manually files and folders in Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.4.0 to Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.5.0. Please do the same for registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.4.0 to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.5.0

Thanks and regards,

Thank you Bruce, this is helpful!