Doubt/Issue when using version control


We have implemented a source control system to manage thes some DB objects in our DB’s (mainly SP and Functions). The version control is based on subversion and we have defined the version Control settings following product guide. Everything works as expected except one thing:

Everytime that we create a new function or new Stored Procedure using the the editor. TOAD seems to try to recover some info about the SPfrom the repository (despite that we have checked the option “Fo not check in after execute script in Editor”) and as a result he throwns an error like this one:

Encountered a problem fetching version control status.: svn: E155010: The node ‘D:\F4E-DWH-OBJECTS\DDS\Procedure[DDS].[HR].[SpGetDimStaffLanguage].sql’ was not found. (Remembered answer: “OK”. )

The cause of the error is obvious. The object still does not exist in the repository. But the question is. Why does it search for info in it?

We have also noticed that sometimes the packages that has not been checkked into the repository appears as if they were.

Any idea about?


As a quick question - are you talking about Toad for SQL Server or Toad for Oracle?
I’m confused since packages doesn’t exists on SQL Server, but they are on Oracle RDMS. Or I’m missing something?



I was referring TOAD for SQL Server. When I was saying packages I was really referring T-SQL procedures (my old Oracle background always appears…)

Ok. What is your TSS verson? The reason I’m asking - Version Control was redesigned in v5.8.

We are currently using release Do you recommend us to upgrade to 5.8 ?

Yes, but also I would recommend to wait for a week and upgrade to 5.8.1 patch. This patch contains mostly stability fixes in Version Control area.
It should be generally avaiable after March 26th.

Hi Alexander,

Following your advice we have waited until 5.8.1 patch release. We have already downloaded and installed it. As you said it seems to provide a large set of enhancements in the version control area :slight_smile: but we have a doubt during its configuration (as Version control settings are not migrated from previous version of Toad):

All the objects that exists in the version control appears with the Version Control Status “Uknown”. How we can change it? If I check the status of the files using any svn client they appear as Updated.


Since you have set up Version Control to use previous repository (that was in use with TSS 5.7) - you have to commit all objects to resolve Unknown status.
I’ll ask tech writer to update documentation to make it more clear.

I have just installed Toad for SQL Server, and I am thrilled to see that I can put my database objects and scripts under version control using TFS. However, I want to keep my Toad-generated object scripts in a different location, and use my existing script locations that were built using SSMS/Team Explorer. Is there some way to tell Toad where my existing scripts reside, and not copy them to a new location?



Hi Kevin,

no, you can’t set up two different locations for Toad and Team Explorer for one repository. There is an option for creating more workspaces on same machine with different location. So it is possible create special workspace for Toad but it is not same repository.

Please correct me if I didn’t get you original question.