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How is the data fetch limit determined at schema level?


I have observed that for few schemas, the data fetch limit is 500 rows and for few schemas its 300.

I am in Toad version I could not find parameters “Limit Grid Fetch” or “OCI Buffer Size”.

Could you please help to understand where these parameters are defined and how they are differing at schema level?



It’s not determined at the schema level. It’s determined at the query level. When you run a query that’s tied to a grid in Toad, Toad first does an OCI describe on the query to see what the columns look like. If there’s not too many of them, and they aren’t too wide (like a bunch of varchar2(4000)'s), then OCI array buffer size will be high (like 500). But as the number/size of the columns increase, then OCI array buffer size decreases. We do this to try to find a good balance between speed and memory consumption.