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How to apply a filter to the table list in DB Explorer


I have hundred of tables and want to see only those with %CMPN% in the table name.

I fooled around trying to figure it out and locked up the application. Tech Support was familiar with the Error and walked me thru resetting a corrupted Windows Registry entry.

I can’t find a Users Guide for SQL Navigator. If someone could just send me a link to it I’d sure appreciate it.



Thanks, I figured it out. A friend of a friend showed me how to do it. Very easy to do once you know it.

If anyone knows of a Users Guide though I’d still like that.


Hi John,

You can download the pdf from the below links:

The supplement guide constains update to some of the sections in the original user guide. Please note that we have not updated both files for a while, so some of info in both files would be out of date with the version you are using.

Thanks and regards,


Wow, this is great! I’ve never been able to find it. Thanks Bruce!


Hi John,

You are very welcome.

Here is the link to the library where you would be able to browse other documentation files:

and here the link to where the team will upload product releases docs: