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How to automatically generate a DDL file?

Hi there.

My main goal is to synchronise my application’s code (i.e. sql script files) with the database data model.

I am trying to automate the creation of the ddl script that I can manually create using the data modeler. I want to do this to be able to use the data modeler as part of our build process and want database changes to be made through the modeler GUI but to then hide and automate the generation of the resultant database scripts (extracted from the generated ddl file) that will form part of the application’s install.

I also want to automate the generation of the data model.

Is there an API for batching commands in Toad Data Modeler? Any hints on how to automate the ddl script generation and data model generation will be much appreciated!


Hi Paul,

see section Automation in Help. There is described, how call Toad Data Modeler from Jscript with examples.


Thanks Petr! Will take a look.