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How to avoid Export Wizard from running query before actual export?

Sorry for the mangled title. I am trying to export a file using the export wizard via the “query” method (as opposed to exporting a table, view, etc). The reason I am doing this is b/c the query results in a very large fileset (200MM rows) and I don’t want to waste table space in the DB to hold it. The problem is that when I enter the query in the export wizard and click “next”, Toad hangs. I presume that it is just running the query to check it or whatever, but I can’t wait a couple hours for it to run, just to then have to wait another couple hours to complete the export. Is there a way to prevent toad from checking/running the query during this step of the export wizard?

What version of TDP are you using? In TDP 4.3 we added a feature where when you click next there is a progress bar where you can cancel the execution. Cancel takes away the ability to format columns but it will shorten up the time to get to the export.

Ah, good question. I’m running TDP on my workstation, but our server where I was running this export due to it’s size and time requirement, is running Toad for SQL Server freeware version I may just have to fire this up in SSIS…