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I’m trying to export query from my local storage . I would need to create an automation process to be done each week for this query.

After 10 min run I get Error:" Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.’

I tried to run the query in editor and it is done after 5 min.

I tried to increase timeouts times to 9999 at Tools->option->database->Timeouts. - still received the same error

I also restarted the computer - still received the same error.

I tried to export with “Select to File” and the query populated the file correctly.

would you please advice and additional action that can be done.



What version of TDP are you using? I assume you are using an export wizard template to export? can you turn on verbose logging, produce the error and then post the automation log so i can have a look? This error means somewhere we are executing on the UI thread and it has time out of 15 minutes. We did work on this recently and I need to see if this is fixed in current code.

I’m using 3.8 Version.

I’m adding the query through export wizard template to export.

I choose add -> query-> I paste the query details - > click “Next”

then after 10 min I receive the error. The file didn’t finish running so I don’t have the log file.

Appreciate your advice

That I recognize and was fixed in TDP 4.2. Can you upgrade? The issue below also included long running query and timing out.

Export Wizard
Corrected an issue that caused Toad to hang after selecting a very large table or a query with a large result set on the Select Objects page of the Export Wizard.

Did you get a chance to check out TDP 4.2?

Yes, the problem was solved in TDP 4.2. Thank you for your help