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How to bring back object list in RHS of schema browser


When you first select an object tab (like Tables) in SB, the right hand side shows a list of all objects of that type with some useful info. When you select an object from the list in LHS, the RHS changes to info for that object. How do you bring back the list of all objects in the RHS, besides clicking on the “Refresh ALL lists” button which I assume queries the DB again?


The RHS objects list shows when there are 0 or multiple objects selected in the
LHS. The only time it won’t show is when 1 object is selected in the LHS.

So, you can get it back by clicking on the LHS and selecting multiple objects.
CTRL+A is a shortcut to select all objects.

By the way - any of the columns on the RHS can be configured to appear on the
LHS. Try right-clicking the in the column header on the LHS, then checking the
column names that you want to see.


Thanks for the tip on showing the columns in the LHS. I am not able to select multiple items in the LHS using Ctrl or Shift click. Ctrl-A doesn’t work either. I figured maybe there was a way to unselect the currently highlighted item and get back the object list on the RHS, but Ctrl-Click on the currently selected item doesn’t work…once you select an item there’s no going back unless you refresh all.


Are you using the free version of Toad? Freeware does not support


Yes, using free version, just started evaluating. That answers my question then, thank you.


If you are evaluating to decide if you want to buy, get the trial version from , and base your decision on that instead. It has many more
features than the free version.


If you are evaluating Toad for purchase, please download from

Fully-functional 30 day trial.

Freeware is free, but limited functionality.


This shows difference of free version – which like the others have said is
explicitly stated not the way to trial the product.