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SB strange behavior


These issues can reproduce in the current beta and also in the GA version. My SB browse style is Dropdown.

Open Schema Browser, choose Procedures/Packages and add some text to the filter box under the object type selector. (I added XML)

  • Cnt doesn’t refresh automatically after the in-memory filter happen
  • Select all (Ctrl+A) doesn’t select all item at first, the current line remains unselected. You have to press again the shortcut to indeed select all items.
    This is not affected when Tables or Views was selected in SB LHS.

Open Schema Browser, choose Tables and select all items with the shortcut (I have ~1000 tables in the schema)

  • enter some text in the filter box and press enter
  • the refresh of the SB RHS is very strange :slight_smile:
    I can not reproduce this one on SB|Packages object type.

I see what you are talking about regarding packages.

I don’t see what you are talking about regarding tables. What is so strange?

The refresh (accurately the remove) of the RHS object list is happen row by row and I think this is really slow.

huh. It was near instant for me - I went to the SYS schema so I had over 1000 tables too. I’ll play with it some more.

You can try with my User Files, I sent you an email offline.

Both are fixed for next beta.


There is still some problem with the SB LHS, I sent an email to you about it.