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How to Create a Copy of Entity via Script?

How does one create a copy of an entity via a script?

It would be possible to loop through all of the entity's objects and copy all items one-by-one, but hoping there is a faster/better way.

The following are two failed attempts using the CopyManagerWrapper.

Ent = Model.Entities.GetObjectByName("Entity1");
CM = Model.CreateCopyManager();
EntCopy = CM.Copy(Ent);
Ent = Model.Entities.GetObjectByName("Entity1");
EntCopy = Model.CreateNewObject(2002);
CM = Model.CreateCopyManager();

Thanks in advance.

Using TDM Windows 10 Enterprise v. 1809

Bravo, you were almost right with your code, there is only small change:

function main(){        
  CM = Model.CreateCopyManager();  
  for(i=0; i<Model.Entities.Count;i++)
    // add objects which you want to copy
    // it's better to copy objects of the same type (don't mix them) at the time
  CM.Copy(Model); // select the destination
                  // most objects' destination is Model, 
                  // but there are secondary level objects like attributss, 
                  // triggers, ... where the destination is their parent object, 
                  // like Entity or View - you can see that in Model Explorer. 
                  // That is because you can copy from one entity to another 
                  // or even between models 
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Thank you for the code example and code comments.