Logical Model comments and questions



  1. When I use Ctl+C/Ctl+V in a workspace to create a duplicate entity, the new entity is placed exactly on top of the original. This makes it hard to tell a copy has been made. Maybe it could be pasted with an offset.

  2. I created some workspaces before I turned auto-complete workspace off. How do I stop new object shortcuts appearing in these workspaces?

  3. How do I create more than one shortcut for an entity on the same worksheet?

  4. I get a number of “Error during consolidation” messages. What do they mean and how do I fix them?


Hi Malcolm,

  1. Thanks for your notification! We will fix it. CR # 60 545. For now, you can see the copy of entity is numbered (see the entity name).
    Tip - Drag the entity, press CTRL and drop the copy of the entity to the place in WS where you need.

  2. Right-click the particular workspace | Workspace Format | clear the Auto Complete checkbox. You have to do it for all workspaces where you want to disable this option.

  3. The easiest way is to drag the entity from Model Explorer to WS - a shortcut of the entity will be created.
    Another way - directly in WS:
    Select the entity, drag it and press CTRL+SHIFT, drop the entity.

(Please see the Help file | Index tab | type ‘shortcuts’ | see the ‘use shortcuts’ topic.

  1. Can you reproduce the problems? Does it occur in particular action? If you can, please send us your model + more details when it appears.
    In any case, it is our problem. We will fix it as soon as we know more.

Thanks for your great co-operation!