How to Deselect multiple tables with pattern while making ER diagram for A DB

Hi All,

I am just a fresher to this community. :slight_smile:

I am using TOAD for Oracle Xpert, Version with ‘NO’ add-ons.

I was doing a ER diagram export from a particular schema by going through the below options.

Database --> Reports --> ER diagram. I find an option like ‘add objects’ and I have no idea which all the tables I need to add, but I have hints like which all the pattern named tables need to be exclude.

Examples like _BKP,_TEST.

Please help me to find the option to add multiple wild chard likes to the ‘Fliter’ and so that I can use ‘INVERT SELECTION’ option to exclude those.

I have done it for *_BKP and done the ‘INVERT SELECTION’, and whenever for the same rest set I am doing the exclusion for *_TEST, but then the first selection will get deselected.

I tried to give multiple patterns like _BKP,_TEST and it’s not working.

Please advice me , how can I achieve this…

Thanks in advance.