Favorites does not have option to create ERD

Good afternoon TOAD team,

There is likely a good reason for this, but I notice today that Create ERD is not an option for multi selected tables in the Favorites list, schema browser:


The Create ERD option is available when viewing tables in the schema browser, so this is the work around. Is there a reason it is absent for Favorites?


Multi-select on objects in SB-Favorites does not show the object type's menu (from tables tab or whatever) because you could be selecting all different object types.

So we show the menu that you see instead.

Good morning John,

Doesn’t TOAD know what each of the objects in the Favorites list is? Favorites has a column telling the user what the object is. Can’t TOAD tell the selected items are tables, view, indexes … that can be on ER diagrams?

Hi Larry,

Yeah I could maybe go through the selected list of objects and if they are all the same, show the multi select menu for that object type. I'm not sure offhand if that's an easy or difficult enhancement, but I'll take a look.

I was about to suggest, as a workaround:

  1. Open the ER Diagram manually
  2. Multiselect and drag from SB-Favorites into ERD.

But I see that only pulls the focused item from SB-Favorites, not all of the selected items.

Another workaround:
Use Project Manager instead of SB-Favorites. I see that this works from Project Manager.