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Toad 12.10 Schema Compare Inclusion Options NOT Like Filter with SDXML Source Isn't Working

I have a bunch of tables prefixed with CPY that I’m trying to exclude from comparison even when they are in the SDXML source. I see the database queries excluding them properly in the destination. Shouldn’t the filter exclude them on both sides regardless of database or file?

Yeah that filter just applies to live schemas, not files. Once thing you can do to exclude them from the sync script is uncheck them on the results tab. Hm, I don’t see a way to multiselect and uncheck them. I’ll add that.

That would help a lot. I have 150+ tables and then there’s the indexes and constraints that pop with them. Thanks!

OK for the next beta, I’ve added a rt-click Check/Uncheck->All/Selected/Visible. So you could rt-click -> Check All, then use the filter at the top to show only what you want to uncheck, then Rt-Click -> Uncheck Visible. Then only the checked items will appear in your sync script.