How to export data from SQL Server into Oracle when source contains LOBS

I am looking for instructions on how to export data from SQL Server (several hundred tables) into Oracle when source contains LOBS.

I'm sure you've done a bit of googling on this topic, and have seen that there can be many challenges here, when data migrations involve xLOBs.

While TDP Pro does have an Import/Export wizard that allows data to be "migrated" directly from one source to another (even different platform) target, there could be complications when xLOBs are involved, mostly due to LOB datatype incompatibilities and the different methods vendors use to store xLOBs.

Most customers I know who try to migrate LOB content have had to either [a] use specific utilities by the database vendors, or [b] code their own procedures to accomplish successful migration.

Try the Import/Export wizard in TDP Pro, but if you run into roadblocks, you may have to code your way to a solution. FYI, we are looking at feasible ways to improve this specific use case in our future roadmap for TDP.