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How to load database connections?


I am a new TDM user. According to one Dell video ( there is a way to utilize existing Toad connections to perform reverse-engineering. How does this work? I can’t find any export or import features for connections in Toad or TDM.


Bufo Americanus


the connections defined in Toad for Oracle should be detected and loaded automatically, by default.
If not, then edit settings and change options in section Toad for Oracle integration:



Thanks, Vaclav. That explains a few things. The “Load Toad for Oracle Connections” box was checked already and now it’s clear that TDM has loaded my connections, but with unrecognizable names: “Toad Project Alias 1, Toad Project Alias 2” etc. When I choose one Alias connection and click “Load Connection” it displays the username with a prompt to enter the password. Altogether this feature is not particularly useful. Is this normal behavior or is there something to tweak so that my connections load complete with names and passwords?

Hi, we will review the feature and make enhancements. I created new change request TDM-1717.



Great, thanks for the follow-up. Is there some way to track the change request? I’d be interested in hearing if the feature is improved.

Hello Bufo,

I wonder how you imagine name of connection imported to Toad Data Modeler from Toad for Oracle? Toad for Oracle hasn’t name for connection. It has only field as User, Database, Home, Last Connection…

Maybe you want display Alias field as Name in TDM (it is very often empty).

Thank you for feedback

Displaying the database and username would be ideal, or an alias if available. When opening the “Toad Project Alias 1” connection I can see the username but not the database. Since I am running several databases (dev, test, prod, etc.) under several usernames, it is useless to have one without the other. I need to know which database instance I am hitting plus username. If it’s not possible to concatenate those two elements, using the alias would be fine since I can choose what to display.