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How to open a Read Only connection directly

Guess I am missing something obvious, but I did not manage to open a Read Only connection without selecting it from the list.

Once I have connected the connection is in the list, so I can change the “Read Only” flag, but is there a way to do so while connecting for the first time?

Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,

I’m not sure if it is any less work, but you can create a login record with the read only flag by clicking the first toolbar button on the login window.


Good Morning Peter,

If I understand you question; it is an option in Data Grids / Data to use Read-Only Queries by default. In the options window, I type read in the search box and it is the first item in the list.


Thanks Larry,

but read-only grids is not the same as a read-only connection. This would not affect the possibility to execute updates.
It’s also nothing I would like as a global configuration, this should be configured per connection.

Guess I’ll have to stick with Johns suggestion.
Would be great if the newly created connection could be selected at creation though.

Thank you both!