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Read only connection


Read only connection is really nice feature…and many customers (and me sometimes) use them.
Problem with that connection is that many menu items (i.e. rebuild table) are not enabled in such a connection, reducing real work capability.

Mine proposal is if you can recheck to leave all features active and somehow prevent execution on some other buttons…(i.e. “Run”, “Finish”, “Execute”, etc …later in the form chain of some action).
In this way we should be able to do almost everything (in generation part, where Toad help us a lot) but prevented form really execute it.

I know it is hard, but really think that some reconsideration should be done at least for some easy to implement part (i.e. mentioned Rebuild Table/9index part).



Sounds like an enhancement suggestion, Damir. If you haven’t already can you write it up out on the idea pond?

Ideal solution would be for some Toad “admin” to configure (e.g. turn on/off) exactly the capabilities that users need.

Maybe the enhancement suggestion could include pre-defined Toad usage policies that Toad admins can configure to their liking.

For example, we already have “read-only” config “policy”, but there could be others that are useful, like

  • All Functions except Admin features
  • No Monitoring Functions
  • All Diagnose Features except Log Miner
  • … etc.

Hmmmm not like that…

I know that to obey “read only” is really hard to develop many forms.

So i would only focus on pages that user recognize now as a problem and later, whenever someone had a suggestion, enlarge that feature on many other Toad forms.

However, would now narrow the whole thing and not expand as you see it.