How to remove some errors message?

I've a pipeplined function.

I write

select * from pipelined_function

this works but toad show me this message.

found '(' expected external.

Therefore I write select * from table(pipelined_function) although that is not necessary.

That's another problem, but I can't use the autocompletion if write a function after from (without or with table).

I've exactly the same problems with a polymorphic table function. But the error is still printed, even if I add the table keyword

Are theses error messages justified?
If not,is there a way to remove these error messages?

Is that an ORA- error or a Toad formatter/parser error? Seems like the formatter would just think that's a table, so I am curious where the error comes from. Can you give a screenshot?

Also, can you give a small example for the polymorphic table function case?


This is a Toad formatter/parser error.

NB: you must test with the user name, if you want to see the error

with a ptf:

As you can see, it works but there is a parsor/formater error (with or without the keyword table)

NB: for a ptf too you must write the user so that the problem occurs.

In EVERY mentioned cases there is no autocompletion after the keyword from .

Parser error. It's simply a SELECT from a qualified name with two dots which is not supported.

SELECT col FROM a.b.c;

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Will be fixed asap.

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