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How to Represent Queries in TDM 3.4.14

What’s the efficient way to work around the inability to represent view attributes in this version of Toad, particularly in cases where the view contains attributes from multiple tables?

I find myself severely constrained by this problem.




the solution is to use the latest BETA version that contains:

  • visual modeling of views
  • view relationships
  • view items displayed in View boxes in diagram

and many other features like Refactoring Utility, enhanced RE/SQL code generation (you can select views, stored proc. one by one etc.)



Doesn’t that version cease to be operable after a certain number of days?


TDM version expiration: 30 July 2011. You can find more information in release notes at:

Note: BETA version requires commercial key. Not all features were fully tested, new features may contain bugs, make sure you backup your models before you start using BETA version.



Cool. I’m now running the latest beta, and I REALLY LIKE IT!

  • Tom