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How to restore/load dbf to run select queries

I had asked for database(Oracle 11g) back-up files (for a particular date)from a third party vendor. The files I received were with the following extensions : .dbf , .svd , .arc , .ctl .

Now my concern is to load the data from this file in ‘Toad for Oracle , Version‘ software – I usually use the same for working on this particular database .

The purpose of loading this database is to run some select queries(along with lot of joins) so as to extract the data from the files which can be shared with the requestor . I am not very sure which file will have the complete data as there are files with various extensions . Also , not sure if ‘Toad for Oracle’ has the facility to open /load dbf or other aforementioned files . I don’t have DBA rights for this database as it is maintained by 3rd party vendor . Please let us know if Toad can be used for the same or a new software (available with Wipro) needs to be installed for this purpose . Also , what steps are required to be followed to do the above mentioned task .

Quick help on this is much appreciated .