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v11.5 generating *.err file

Hi All -

I recently received an error at startup that stated:

Internal Error: Cannot load information contained in SavedSql.dat.

SavedSql.dat has been copied to SavedSql.err

Is it possible to restore that err file somehow? The file is 1M in size, so I’m assuming I could. But when I open the file with notepad there’s just a whole lot of nothing. It’s got a lot of named sql that I really don’t want to lose. Any ideas would be awesome.



Can you grab another “copy” of your SavedSql.dat file from somewhere else?

A older incarnation of that file might be in a previous Toad version install directory, or you could search your file space for a temp copy that the OS kept somewhere.

Same thing happened to me about a year ago. This is one of the reasons I maintain not only the latest version of Toad, but also the previous version on my workstation at all times.

e.g. “just in case”

Going forward this should not be an issue. SQL Recall used a file format that is great for speed, but for reasons unbeknownst to me the file format is susceptible to corruption. I believe the problem has to do with Toad crashing, resuming from standby, Windows shutting down with Toad open or something to that effect. SQL Recall uses XML format now (12.8 and newer) and it should be completely stable.