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Schedule Task for Export

Hey everyone,
I set the computer's boot time on every morning at 08.00. At the same time i set toad to open with windows scheduled tasks.

Can toad export the query I want when the computer is turned on automatically?

Because my query export is too slow,
I thought a solution like that

Doesn't look you finished your entire ask here, but if I can extrapolate from what you did share...

Sounds like you're scheduling an export via Toad, and the export may run long. There might be no need to "schedule" Toad to open, since you can invoke Toad via command line to execute an automation flow at any time, or schedule any automation jobs to run at scheduled times, via the Task Scheduler of course. In other words, you don't have to open Toad for the Windows-scheduled tasks to run.

That said, I would be careful not to invoke Toad (either via Task Scheduler or via scheduled Toad Automation) too close after your workstation boots up... give enough time for your workstation to boot up cleanly, and then fire off the Windows-schedule tasks involving Toad... say, maybe 5 minutes after boot up.

If I have misunderstood, then please relay extra details of what you're attempting to do ...

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My goal is that I want my computer to be turned on before I come to the office and export to the my view to excel I use. So when I come to work, I want everything ready. That's why I talked about using Windows scheduled tasks. I am open to every suggestions.

try this:

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Automation designer and Task Scheduler are great features. Thanks for your support.

Now i have a problem that i must use excel instance for export. because "excel file export" option fails.

Schedule toad action wanting "authenticate user" and it does not allow to leave blank.

if i set a password for login to windows for authenticate use , when the computer open by bios it is not coming to the desktop because of password, and i cant reach to the created file

how can i fix that?

If your company will allow, you could make your computer auto-login to windows,

LOLs! I am not meaning to criticize, but that is a bad idea. While it is probably a technically viable solution for crashed, no computer--especially in shared workspaces--should be configured to auto-login on boot to Windows. Anyone could turn it on at any time and do stuff as that logged in user--stuff that could embarrass or cause trouble. I don't do that even for my own personal workstations in my own personal residence.


Yeah, OK, I admit. It's a bad idea.

Maybe you could export to CSV and then open that in excel when you get in to work

Thanks for all suggestions. I really get useful information from here. I especially appreciate the patience and quick feedbacks. Good work everyone :slight_smile: