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Job for Daily Reporting

Hi all,

I created a view based on the every system date.

And I want to send an e-mail to the query results at the same time every day in TOAD.

How can i do this automatically?

Can I use the report design in TOAD?

first, go into Toad's main options window to set up email server if you haven't done that yet.

Then you can use automation designer for this.

Set it up similar to this, with an export dataset action to create the file and an email action to email it.

You can right-click on App1 to schedule it.


Thanks but its giving this error


The scheduler action should be running a program (Toad), not sending an email.

When you get to this step, don't click Edit. Just click Next.

When you get to this step, click "New" to set the time that you want the action to run

There is a problem in this part


Still not solved. :frowning:

Sorry I missed your earlier message. That one looks like it is coming from your mail system. I don't know what to tell you about that. You should talk to someone in your IT department, tell them that you want to use some software to send an email and you aren't sure of settings. Maybe a different login, etc, will help.