How to see Cyrillic on Toad Data Point Result Sets

I am running the simplest possible select out of a table.
My Toad Data Point is of version 5.0.7.
The target database is Sybase Anywhere SQL.


As trivial as it gets.
The contents of the table are a mix of English and Russian.
On the result set I see valid English.

Russian appears as rubbish.
What should be shown as 'Банкноты' shows as 'Áàíêíîòû' instead.

I looked in the Tools > Options.
Under Editor on the top-right, found File encoding type and set it to Unicode, UTF8.
Not sure if Fle encoding type should have anything to do with the result set encoding, just cannot find the proper setting.

Can anyone help?

Hi David,
what settings have you got in Connection Properties?
Right-click a connection | Properties and then CharSet.

What application did you use to insert records to the database?