How to Share apps in automation designer

How to share apps created in automation designer so that other team members will be able to execute the app and generate the reports .

Tried using Toad Project , but other users can see the app but cannot execute.
Please advise.

Right-click to Export to file.

Then coworker can import that file. After importing, they may have to right-click and choose "change connections" (near the end of the popup menu) if their connection names are different from yours.

Hi John,
Thanks for the update. I know this option. What i want to achieve is teams can see my automations without import and will be able to run the report.

example : we can app to Common Toad project. Other team members will open project and should be able to run the app. we see the option to run but it is not able to run.

There is no way for multiple users to share the same file. Everyone needs their own copy of it. There is a lot of reading/writing to this file and if multiple Toads tried to do that at the same time, it could cause problems.

You can give other coworkers your entire ToadActions.dat file, and they could put it into their User Files folder to get all of your apps w/o having to export/import.

It is in a folder like: C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\16.3\

They might still have to right-click to change connections though.


Hi John,
is there a way to create the actions automatically (via code)? We want to create the parameter files automatically and run them with "Run with paramater file", but we are missing the unique action id.

Hi WaHe

Sorry, there's no way to import actions via command line.

You can copy/paste actions (on the right, circled in green)
You can export/import apps (on the left, circled in red)

"Run with Parameter File" applies to actions which already exist in Toad

Thanks for the quick reply, John.
I have now noticed that you can run a "blank" app-action (configuration) with different parameter files. So you need only one app for different parameter files (e.g. compare schemas). Would you recommend it that way?

Hi @WaHe,

Sorry I just now saw this. Using parameter files is totally fine. It's not any better or worse, it's just a different way to store your settings. If you find parameter files to be more convenient then there is no reason to not use them.

@Mithunb this may be a convenient way for you to change your settings as needed, but I am still working on a feature that will allow you to make edits to multiple actions.


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