how to start toad without loading any database

I have setup toad to autoload 1 database. But, when that database goes down, I still want to start toad to work with other databases. The problem is that when the autoload database is down, toad tries to load the down database and hungs.

Is there a way to start toad without autoload?


You want it to autoload when the database is available, but not autoload when it

After awhile, it should un-hang when it attempts to auto-connect. What version
of Toad are you using?

I am using 10.6. It does not un-hung by itself, is there an option to send the timeout?


It should timeout on it’s own. I would contact support and log that as a bug. In the meantime, don’t use auto connect at all.

If I can not get toad to start, how can I change the configuration to not auto load? thx

rename your connections.ini file with toad closed. Re-open Toad. Re-define
your connections.

where is this file located? I can not find the connections.ini file in the quest folder.

It’s in the application data directory, differs by your OS. Under
Documents and Settings, not Program Files.