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Few simple questions for toad users

Hi all,

Really sorry if this has already been posted! I couldn’t figure out how to search just this forum.

Just have some fairly simple questions if anyone has time to help out:

  1. Can I test/reconnect just ONE session, not all active sessions?

  2. Is there some integrated “snippets” tool in TOAD where I can add my own snippets?

  3. Sometimes when TOAD is attempting to reconnect it hangs and currently we “unhang” it by restarting network adapter (only then TOAD gets unstuck). We also do this when toad gets stuck “cancelling” a query which happens often. Is there a better workaround for this problem? In short is there a way to somehow signal toad that it’s time to give up without having to d/c our network adapter?

  4. Is there an elegant way to quit toad without toad attempting to close all active connections? All our DBs will automatically handle old inactive sessions. This means that, when toad is being closed it will actually notify us that connection XYZ is already closed and it will do this for every each connection. It usually takes up to 20 seconds for toad to realize that its session is already gone. Meaning, it will make us have to press OK every 20 seconds for up to 10 times (if we had 10 connections). Needless to say, for this reason we always close toad with a taskkill command but it’s still a real pain when we only want to get rid of some old connections taking up toolbar space and ram memory.

I bet these have been posted before but I couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: forgot to mention I use TOAD for oracle with no add ons.

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