Toad 17 Workspace

When connection expires and you accidentally run some script without manually reconnecting it, TOAD will hang and no way you can use it until you force close and open the application again.

The "hang" happens while Toad waits for the Oracle client to return data. It's really out of our control, but the client should give up after a short time (15-30 seconds, maybe a minute).

Then you should be able to reconnect and continue.

If Toad gets into a "Not Responding" state and you don't want to wait, click the red 'X' in the top right corner ONE time. (If you click it more than once, Toad may shut down). Then when windows gives the "Not Responding" dialog, click "Try to restore the application". That will kick Toad out of the state where it is waiting for Oracle. Then you can reconnect and you should be able to continue whatever you were doing.

The application is not responding at all and no response to any action until just close it via Task Manager. Using older version will be prompting to reconnect in few seconds but this new version is no longer responding. I know that i need to reconnect but in any case that user assume that they are still connected and run a simple script.. that problem will be there.

For me, Toad does not hang forever as you describe. It times out after about 15 seconds with a dialog like this:

  1. The "Click the Red X" trick works when Toad is not responding. Try it.
  2. Are you using the same Oracle client as with your prior version of Toad? Are you on the same PC? Maybe Toad is not the only thing that has changed.

Here's a screen shot of the "Click the red X" trick. It takes 3-4 seconds after clicking the X to get the dialog shown below.

Thanks for trying from your end. There are times that I can do the same to kill the session. But most of the time, this screenshot below appears and nothing i can do. See the Execution time values as well that prompt? it seems an overlapping words... hope this helps

Thanks for the screen shot. I'll try to reproduce that.