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How to update TOAD 13 instead of new installation



We use Toad 13 (Toad For Oracle 2018 Edition) and got a message that R2 is available. When we try to update on our test machine, the installer installs a new version of Toad For Oracle 2018 Edition R2 alongside the existing TOAD For Oracle 2018 Edition instead of proposing to update the existing one.

Is this expected behavior? Did we make a mistake in the installation process? Can we upgrade the existing Toad or is it a matter of installing the new version and uninstalling the old version? That last option would mean that the users end up losing all their preferences and that’s a shame. I found no reference to upgrading in the installation guide.



Toad does not do true installation upgrades, rather side-by-side. On first launch of Toad, it looks for an older version and if found will copy over all of the application data/user files from the older version to the new version. The result is very similar as a true upgrade because you don’t have to customize Toad again, you get all of your connections, saved queries, everything, when you install a new version. You can also manually copy user files from one version to another using “Utilities > Copy User Settings”


I really like that behaviour. If something goes wrong (i.e. an incompatibility or a bug) you can always just start the old version. Saved me a lot of work and time quite some times now.


If it were just for me I’d agree, but we were testing whether an upgrade could be offered to all Toad users.

Thanks for your reply @ButtonPusher, that’s what I suspected. But the part about taking over existing settings is interesting.