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How to use TKProf Wizard?

Hey, i am new in Toad for Oracle… using v10.6.

I have tried alot but can’t understand the use of TKProf Wizard?

can any1 plz letme know about this? what is the full form of TKProf wizard?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

For tkprof, you need to have Oracle Trace file.

tkprof is original Oracle tool taht parse hundred of lines of trace files into human readable form and all to understand SQL statements during trace session phase. This is all in command line form, and run directly on server side, so it is not so user friendly for many advanced users.

This is why Toad has offered more intuitive and GUI interface for that part-analyzing trace files.

Hope that this helps,

Some history on Oracle’s TKPROF utility. It first appeared in Oracle 6.x as an undocumented tool that support would sometimes ask users to run. It was not meant as a full blown tool. But since support started people using it, it quickly became a documented tool in 7.x and later. However it has many well-known limitations - such as not properly accommodating for bind variables. So many experts advise not to use it or to use it with great care. Toad merely adds a GUI wizard instead of you running command line. So in Toad options you must have the tkprof executable pointing to where it’s located on your PC. If you have a fat oracle client then this will be the same directory as where all the other oracle commnad line tools are found. If you are using instant client, then many of such command line tools are missing and hence toad cannot use it. So you need to have the right client, need to have the toad option set on where the exe file is found, then have a trace file to run this on as Damir says. far more useful is Toad’s unique and powerful trace file browser - which has no such issues and offers far more GUI based trace file drill-down capabilities. It’s sort of like the expensive hostsos trace file profiler built into toad for free :slight_smile:

Thank you Damir Vadas and Bert Scalzo too.

can you guys tell me in detail how to schedule a job in toad for oracle xpert v10.6?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you mean how to create or alter a DBMS_JOBS job, then in the schema browser if you have the optional db admin module it’s simply a tab like tables, views and indexes. You have to have bought the db admin module - it’s not part of xpert (it’s an optional add-on). To check, do a main menu -> help - > about. Below the line where it says toad xpert it will have a line saying “Add-Ons: DB Admin Module”. If you don’t see it then you did not buy it.

If you meant scheduling Unix/Linux cron jobs, Toad with db admin module also has a cron job scheduler and viewer.

Finally if you just meant to schedule some task you did in toad, then as Damir said learn the toad app designer / automation designer.

PS - if you are on maintenance then upgrade to toad 12.1 because some things like the dbms_jobs tab in schema browser were moved from optional db admin module into the basic product.

Damir: The links you Shared are not working.

please share some others.


Bert: Sir i have add ons: DM Admin module and SQL optimizer as well.

actually, i am not getting how to schedule job exactly.

so, looking for steps.

Thank you dear